I have been looking at county fair and event contests. Have you ever wondered what happened to some of these old fashioned contests our grandparents played? They are alive and well at successful county fairs, everywhere, like for instance here are some of the contests going on at the Houlton Agricultural Fair in Maine over the 4th of July fair.
Pie Eating Contest, Bubble Gum Blowing Contest, Oreo Cookie Stacking Contest, Hula Hoop Contest, Ice Cream Eating Contest, Egg Toss Contest, Pig Scramble, on to the Kid’s Cooking Contest, Kid’s Karaoke, Kid’s Chocolate Chip Cookie tophatContest, Soccer Ball Contest, Water Balloon Contest, Little Mr. and Mrs. Firecracker Contest, Salsa Chugging Contest, Moxie Chugging Contest, Basketball Contest, Kid’s Tractor Contest, Burping Contest, Skillet Throw Contest, Cash Cube Contest

Now the San Diego County Fair in California is also going on at this time, with the following contests…
Watermelon Spitting Contest, Frozen T Shirt Contest, Corn Husking Contest, Kid’s Best Hannah Montana Look a-like contest, Blue potato toss contest, Most patriotic costume contest, and because its California it is followed by a wine tasting contest.

The MORAL here folks thank heaven, is that the computer games and interaction are not everything… thank heaven we can still have fun!