If you have been to any good health food store lately and really looked around you would realize that there are all kinds of veggie foods being offere. I am a fairly new vegan, so I definitely have been looking.
First if you are having a BBQ – don’t omit your vegan friends. The health food store has all kinds of vegan burgers, some gluten free. These would BBQ great with some BBQ sauce on the grill.
There are all kinds of cheeses in the health food store. I try to avoid dairy. In the health food store you can get vegan cheeses made from rice and one of my favorite is one mozzarella cheese made from almonds. There are all kinds of cheddars.

Veggies can be grilled and taste great. Try corn on the cob, wrap it in foil and then remove the foil for the last few minutes to add bbq grilled flavor. Sweet potatoes also taste great grilled.

Here are some great recipe links for Vegetarians

Balsamic Green Beans and Peppers Packet-Roasted

– this recipe does have feta cheese California Grilled Veggie

the following does have yogurt  Veggie Burger

This recipe is both vegetarian and vegan. Veggie Burgers