I feel for the Missouri State Fair

Okay I am sure a lot of your saw this post this morning on Yahoo Missouri Fair clown draws criticism for Obama mask. Well, if this clown was looking for attention he certainly got some. This mask and act had absolutely no business at one of our big state fairs. Yes, this was disrespectful. I am somewhat of a public person too and have been for years. Once a wise mayor said this to me as I was trying to run a large public event, "If you are going to be in the public eye, there are people that are going to love you, people that are going to hate you and people in between". Think about it, that is a very very wise statement. Being President is hard hard work. I would not want the job. The President has the responsibility of making everyone happy. Hey, folks that is not going to happen. Nor is the world going to be a perfect place in the next five seconds either. So, if you "think" you could do a better job you should run for President.