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It’s Time to Meet the Future of Meat

Real, Cultured, or Printed? Nowadays we’re accomplishing miracles in the laboratory. It started, of course, with successful cloning, but we’ve moved on to teasing immature stem cells into making all sorts of tissues, such as skin for burn victims, miniature versions of human organs (called organoids) to learn to treat disease, and actual functional organs for lab animals that fulfill the function of a natural organ. More interesting is something that was accomplished back in early 2015. Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital grew a complete rat forelimb in a petri dish . Fingers/claws, skin, bones, nerves, blood vessels, and muscles all in the right place and functional. In theory, it could be attached to a subject and tested to see if nerve and blood vessels connections were reliable, and if the bones and connective tissue were durable. There is no reason that they shouldn’t be. Meat in a Lab Muscles, of course, are also referred to as meat, and would be fairly undifferentiated from a naturally occurring meat in texture or flavor. What would be the primary difference about meat made in a sterile laboratory? No animals would be slaughtered; there would be no parasites; there would be no fecal contamination; and, most importantly, there would be no antibiotics or growth hormones necessary. There would be no vast tracts of land necessary, dedicated for the use of our current herds of animals. There would be no concurrent crops necessary to feed all these animals as they grew to a size appropriate for the abattoir, and then the local meat market. There would be no need of veterinarian care for herds to treat diseases. It would eliminate animal suffering,because meat would not be sourced from animals at all.  In other words, by just about every popular definition, it would be completely Vegan meat. Of course there are always doubters; those who think meat is bad and artificial meat would be inadequate for some other reason.  It’s very much like people that protest Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) foods—it makes no sense–since everything in our diet is a GMO.  There is virtually nothing in our diet that has not been changed. Franken-Food Everybody loves corn for instance, but 8,700 years ago in Mexico it was known as teosinte, with just a few grains per stalk that would have easily fit on top of a 25¢ coin.  We crossbred many teosinte with more grains than other plants, and eventually came up with the “cob” that was dense with grain.  Yet no [...]

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Competitive Eater Crazy Legs Conti

Major League Eating sponsors competitive eating contests around the world. In the following interview we talk about them. They run about 80 contests a year. This is primarily an interview with Crazy Legs Conti a competitive eater and several time champion.   Crazy Legs Conti uses Zen to prepare for contests. Zen is "a Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition."    

The latest on Corn

Are you aware of the latest research on the "vegetable" corn. If you are not you should be. There is a wealth of information out there telling how bad corn has become for you. Today's mass produced corn little resembles the original plant it came from. Today's corn is full of pesticides, is nutritionally bankrupt and genetically modified. I am sure this article will not make me a lot of friends around the farmers. We all need to wake up - we are killing the human race. I am going to list a few articles, these are well worth reading. 1) This is from - Comparison of GMO and non-GMO corn - the real statistics will astound you! "Genetically modified organisms are an open invitation to disease, cancer, and infertility." 2. Here is a article by the New York Times Breeding the Nutrition our of Our Food, from May 2013. People in prior generations "Did not live nearly as long as we do, but growing evidence suggests that they were much less likely to die from degenerative diseases, even the minority who lived 70 years and more. The primary cause of death for most adults, according to anthropologists, was injury and infections." NOTICE: NOT - cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and dementia!!! 3. Here is an article about what exactly you should be eating and why you should not be eating corn and why its killing you. "Why Corn is Killing YOU! by Sarah Stanley. Now I am not as drastic at my diet as the last lady above in the last article. However, I want to point ou that I went for dinner last night at a friends house with my friend's 90 year old mother in attendance. She has dementia. What did her son feed her? A potato salad with Miracle Whip, and pickles and a soy burger with not real soy (if you are going to eat soy - look for a label that says whole soy bean in it, the stripped down stuff soy is high in estrogen). She had a bottled tea high in sugar and artificial bread. In other words no nutrition and a dinner high in corn fructose syrup. It was very sad. It was sadder because I am sure that within a few weeks time I could "cure" her dementia. We have given up the development of nutrition for money!! for profit, and for a few of our population and its time we fight back.

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