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Three Spring & Summer Grilled Fruit Hacks!

By Kent Whitaker Nothing seems to beat the wide variety of fruit that comes into markets during Spring. Everything from fresh picked strawberries to apricots and even Kiwi! Then, the flavors keep coming as peaches, oranges and even bananas at their peak flood into grocery stores and produce stands. So, it stands to reason that grilling gurus across the land should add some of these tasty fruit flavors to our recipe collection! It could be a simple as a quick-and-easy fruit flavored infused sauce to grilling a couple of slices of your favorite fruit. Here’s three spring & summer grilled fruit hacks~   Grilled Coconut Rum Bananas I have a buddy that’s a rum expert!  He knows classic rums, white, dark, brands, history and even enjoys the new fruit flavored rums that are gaining in popularity. He suggested using some coconut flavored rum for a Caribbean inspired recipe! This recipe hack is inspired from Cuban and Caribbean style grilled plantains. Slice the banana lengthwise and keep them in their peals, brush with melted butter or use butter flavored non-stick spray. In a small bowl, combine some coconut rum, melted butter and little bit of honey. Grill the sliced banana – in their peels – over medium high heat. Fee free to use foil or a grilling griddle. The banana will start to cook and pull away from the peel around the edges. Baste evenly with your rum mixture. Remove from the peel and serve with your favorite ice cream topped with toasted coconut shavings.   Grilled Fruit Cobbler Chances are that you probably have a favorite cobbler recipe. Don’t worry if it’s a quick-and-easy recipe or one that requires more than just dumping a few ingredients in a baking dish. Both will work on a covered grill. Basically, all you’re doing is using your covered grill like an oven. You can use foil pans, cake pans or even cast iron – but, I would avoid using glass baking dishes! Make your recipe, cover with foil, cook on an upper rack in a covered grill, and rotate the pan as needed to ensure even cooking. The last few minutes you can uncover, baste the crust with butter and sprinkle with sugar and allow the edges to become golden brown.   Grilled Peaches and Cream I live in East Tennessee just a few feet away from Georgia, Alabama and a day drive through the mountains to South Carolina. Why am I telling you this? Because every summer regional fresh [...]

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Lemonade in the USA and Canada is a uncarbonated drink, basically made from squeezed lemon juice, water and sugar. It could have artificial sweetener instead of sugar. Then there is alcholic lemonade which also popular is sweetened artificially. There are a lot of variants in lemonade of the fruit nature. These usually consist of raspberries, grapefruit, grapes, red cherry, cranberries, strawberris and grenadine ( Wikipedia - describes grenadine -The Mott's brand "Rose's", by far the most common grenadine brand in the United States, [3] is presently formulated using (in order of concentration): high fructose corn syrup, water, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, FD&C Red #40, natural and artificial flavors, and FD&C Blue #1.[4]. There are all kinds of variations on lemonade as might be expected, it depends to what country you are referring. There are health benefits to Lemons Lemons have natural healing power. Here is a website that offers 15 Hidden Health Secrets of Lemons. Some of which are abolishing acne, cankor sore relief, curing corns and callus (something my runners feet could use help with), fight fatigue, healing hypertension, pulverize pain, varicose veins and more. Take a look at that article above.    Anyway adding sugar to your lemon mixture may take away some of the benefits of lemons or at least reduce the benefits of them. Here are -

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Eating on the Wild Side

We have been breeding the nutrition out of our food for a long time. Corn in the super market is ultra sweet. Most of our food is ultra sweet. This is why we have a nation of 80% pre diabetics or diabetics. We have taken the phytonutrients out of our food. Some foods in the store have 10 to twenty times more nutrients then others. Purple, red blue or black foods have a lot of nutrients. Red berries, blueberries, purple carrots, purple potatoes are better for us have and are rich in anthocyanins. Anthocyanins, can help control and get rid of a lot of our modern diseases. The artichoke is one of the most nutritious foods in the supermarket. It is very rich in antioxidants. The shallot is one of most nutritious foods. Garlic is a potent cancer fighting vegetables. You need to crush the garlic or chop it and let it set for ten minutes so the two ingredients can combine to make allicin, a potent cancer fighting compound. Tomatoes become much richer in lycopene the longer you cook it. You should eat three to four servings from the cabbage (horseradish, or kale) family a week. They can reduce cancer significantly. There are a lot of great tips about eating nutritiously in this book Eating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson. Carrots were originally, purple, red or sometimes yellow. Four hundred years ago a red carrot was crossed with a yellow carrot to come up with orange carrots. We now know the original purple carrots have sixteen times more nutrients then the orange carrots in the store. Purple carrots can be found in a seed catalog now. Baby carrots - the orange ones were made to save the big orange carrots leftovers. The outer skin of the carrot is the most nutritious, don't peel your carrots. The carrot is less nutritious towards the center of the carrot. Food vendors concessionaires should take a look at this book. Every year there is a wealth of new "foods" at the county and state fairs. It also seems like there is a race to develop good tasting nutrition less foods to sell. Here is a challenge to you food vendors. Can you make a good tasting food that is high in nutrition? The public is becoming more and more aware of nutrition. Listen to this podcast on Science Friday from the author of Eating on the Wild Side nEating on the Wild Side, author Jo Robinson reveals how [...]

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Lets talk Watermelon

Watermelon Contests Well, to have a simple one, you need watermelon of course, scales that measure ounces and one bowl for each contestant, weigh the watermelon slices and tag each with a little flag and weight. Then, after each contestant eats the watermelon, well, simply add up what they have eaten. To Win at a Watermelon Contest, the contestant needs to - Step 1   Develop a technique. The easiest way is also the messiest with no utensils, but there are still possibilities for success using a fork or spoon. Step 2  Swallow the seeds or chew them with your bite of watermelon. Spitting the seeds will cut into your eating time. Step 3  Make sure your hair is pulled back out of your face, if applicable. You don't want to be distracted from the task at hand. Step 4  Take lots of small bites you can swallow almost whole. Chewing is another factor that will hurt your eating time. Step 5  Eat fast and furious. At most contests, the competition is cutthroat. Step 6   Have fun and worry about the mess later. **************** [youtube] ************************************************************************** Try this link       Watermelon Carving made Easy! You too Can Create   Stunning Watermelon Carvings ******************* Picking the worlds largest Watermelon This is video from the summer of 2005 at the Ivan Bright famn near Hope, Arkansas. Two watermelons are picked from the field. The first ends up on the ground in pieces. The second weighs in as  ...well, watch the video ******************* Watermelon Pie - OF course there is such a thing as Watermelon Pie!!! INGREDIENTS * 1 (3 ounce) package watermelon flavored gelatin * 1/4 cup water * 1 (12 ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed * 2 cups watermelon * 1 (9 inch) prepared graham cracker crust DIRECTIONS 1. Mix together the watermelon gelatin and water. Fold gelatin mixture into the dessert topping. Add cut watermelon. 2. Pour mixture into graham cracker crust. Cool in refrigerator for about 3 hours. *************************************************************** More about Watermelon Watermelon Recipes - Watermelon is a fruit that is terrific all by itself. You've surely sat outside on a warm summer night, eating watermelon slices and maybe even engaging in ... Watermelon Carving - Creating a watermelon carving can be fun. Wonderful examples of what you can do with a watermelon.... ***************************************************************

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