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Is Popcorn good for you?

Well, it can be, if it is not microwavable with butter flavoring. Microwave buttered popcorn contains Diacetyl and acetone, two compountds that give butter its characteristic taste. They are also added to margarine along with beta carotene which give the yellow color. The University of California showed that diacetyl may be linked to infertility and inhalation can cause repiratory problems. The Environmental Working Group has expressed concerns. Don't give up popcorn. Give it up in the micro-wavable. bag. You can also use antoxidant rich grape-seed oil, or high oleic sunflower oil and olive oils to pop corn. Non-organic popcorn is on the FDA's list of top ten foods most contaminated with toxic pesticides and chemicals.Studies have shown that popcorn companies may be adding a toxic chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, to prevent any sticking, according to Shine from Yahoo! it may be a carcinogen according to the FDA! So buy organic popcorn, but not in the bag. You need a good popcorn popper. Try this one - The Sweet and Easy Popcorn Popper by Wabash Valley Farms. I have also looked on Amazon and there are several popcorn poppers available. Now if you are a food vendor at a fair or festibval, you could offer real popped organic popcorn and charge a little more for it. I for one would be happy to pay extra for this wonderful organic snack.

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Alameda County Fair 2011 – Fun Food Facts

What people eat at county fairs has long fascinated me. It does probably because I am a health food and organic food nut. The average American eats way too much stuff they should not be eating. This is one of the reasons we have so many health issues in this country. Its alos true that most people do not realize how awfully awesome organic and fresh food can taste and they think they would be giving up so much if they tried it. Well, I am here to tell you its simply not true. Orangic and healthy food has wonderful taste, - its just different from what most people are used to. Anyway this is waht the fair goers ate at this years Alameda County Fair Corn Dogs – 91,414 consumed Funnel Cakes – 29,834 consumed Shaved Ices – 14,963 consumed Turkey Legs – 7,559 consumed Cinnamon Rolls – 5,297 consumed Deep Fried Oreos – 3,791 consumed Scorpions – 1,546 consumed Alligator – Nearly 500 lbs consumed

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The Future of Food

Being tired of the computer the other night I was looking for a place to relax. There is a lot online that makes me tense. Well, for one thing I work a lot online. Technology changes daily now and I am not the only one that feels the thing is alive and thinking. Anyway, I thought I would go to to see what would relax me. Needless to say I found a program, a documentary I thought would be fun and relaxing. It turned out not to be relaxing but raised my anger and kept me awake a good part of the night. The documentary The Future of Food, is long, about an hour and a half. It is an in depth investigation into how engineered foods have found their way onto our grocery shelves. Little did I realize that 90% of the variety of our natural foods have disappeared since the beginning of the 20th century. This is a video that is worth watching. It makes me angry. There are big companies that have patents on life. Did you know that? I didn't. I didn't know you could patent bacteria and plants. The subject is corn and Monsanto is an agricultural company. Who says they apply innovation and technology to help farmers around the world produce more while conserving more. They help farmers grow yield sustainably so they can be successful, produce healthier foods, better animal feeds and more fiber, while also reducing agriculture's impact on our environment. Well, Monsanto also sues small farmers. They sue small farmers for having a genetically altered corn plant in their crops that they have no idea how they got there. These plants have shown up in Mexico. Not only did Monsanto sue farmers with this corn but they won, because the judge said they had a patent on the corn. This is crazy. The average person on the street doesn't know about what is in this video and the Bush administration apparently did not help us know about it either. After watching this video I have a better appreciation of organic food and a highly awareness of what is in the grocery store, especially because I am one of these highly allergic people. Our grocery stores are filled with artificial food. It also has made me aware of the damage a big corporation can do just because they have money and all they care about is making more. They do not care about people. [...]

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