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Spooky Halloween Shrunken Head Sliders

By Kent Whitaker Have you ever eaten a shrunken head with melted Colby and Pepper Jack cheese? Who says that Halloween is just for handing out candy and popcorn balls to neighborhood kids? It’s time to toss in some fun foodie ideas that are well suited for the kitchen or grill. And, why not make it fun, kind of gross… and yet packed with flavor? For any other article this recipe would simply be for a burger with some spicy seasoning, steamed onions, a tangy jalapeno mustard BBQ sauce and gherkin pickle wedges. For Halloween, this recipe transforms into something a bit more fun. Tell your family, or guests, you’re serving up Shrunken Head Sliders with tape worms, zombie sauce and alien fingers… with cheese! Remember, you’re having fun and getting into the Halloween spirit, pun intended, but that’s no reason to forget about making a great tasting dish. I suggest that you make a blended burger for extra flavor. I suggest combining ground beef with ground Italian sausage. Or, ground turkey and black bean burgers. If you break up the beans your ground turkey will have a creepy purple tint to them – perfect for Halloween! The “zombie sauce” mentioned above is one of my standard quick and easy “cheater junk sauces.” That’s where you have some sauce in the fridge and you add some extra “junk” to it for bonus flavor. For this I combined a mustard based barbecue sauce with a splash of honey and store bought chopped jalapenos. Use these recipe as a starting point for your creative ideas and have fun! Easy Beef & Italian Sausage Burgers 1 pound lean ground beef, 80/20 1/2 pound Italian sausage, ground Salt and pepper to taste Steak sauce Cajun seasoning Cheese Combine the beef and ground Italian sausage in a bowl and season with salt and pepper. Form into equally sized meatballs about the size of a golf ball. Next, flatten each ball while pinching one side into a thinner piece forming a skeleton head type of shape. Next, season each side with a light brushing of steak sauce and a few dashes of Cajun seasoning. Grill, bake or broil as you normally would. Use tiny slices of cheese for x’s representing stitched eyes and for the mouth. I used pepper jack. Serve hot on toasted slider buns covered in cheese with zombie sauce, steamed onion slices and gherkin pickle wedges. Serve open faced. Kent “The Deck Chef” Whitaker is the former winner of the [...]

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Halloween Decorating Outside your Home

Now that Halloween is upon us, why not put those flower beds (you know the ones you thought had been laid to rest for the winter) to good use? It’s time to dress up your front yard up for the Fall. Here are some tips to make your home look wonderful, even when the weather may not be. Leaves of Many Colors - Fallen foliage are a perfect fertilizer to help keep your yard and flower beds in perfect growing condition for the spring when it’s time to start planting flowers and such again. They also make a great base for your Halloween decorations. Who says flowers are only for the spring and summer months? Here is a partial list of flowers that will make it through the autumn months. These flowers are hardier than their spring and summer counter parts and will last a lot longer too. Chrysanthemums Joe Pye Weed Chelone (also known as Turtleheads) Even veggies have their place in your Halloween yard décor. Now is the perfect time to pick up gourds, squash and pumpkins from a neighboring farm or store. Not only are they decorative, but you can eat the squash, carve the pumpkins or make pie too! For those who live in the country and like to attract wildlife, deer enjoy pumpkins after the season as well. Fall pumpkins and Halloween sorta of go together. Liven up your yard with a lot of Halloween pumpkin designs. Seasonal decorations to adorn your yard are fairly easy to come by this time of year. Check your local dollar store to pick up everything from bird feeders to scarecrows and more. Here are a few other ideas for sprucing up the outside of your home this Halloween. Bird feeders adorned with black crows Scarecrows for your garden and flower beds – You can purchase these or make your own. Get the whole family involved and spend some quality family fun time together. Pumpkin arrangements – Using hay bales, create your own pumpkin and scarecrow scene or village. Using fallen limbs and sticks from the trees create stick Halloween characters. Always popular at Halloween are Frankenstein and his bride along with ghosts hanging from the bare tree branches. Rake all those leaves that have fallen from the trees in September and early October up. Put them in black or orange garbage bags to prop up throughout your yard and beds. You can purchase ones with jack-o-lantern faces already on them or use the black ones [...]

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