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Working With Horses

Have you ever noticed how happy people who work with horses seem to be?  Would that be enough to encourage you to take the plunge?  any young people especially girls would love to have the opportunity to work with horses. Maybe you are not so young anymore and think that it’s too late to change your career to work in the equestrian industry.  That is just not true - there are people of all ages who have chosen to follow their dreams and turn their favorite pastime into their livelihood as well. There are so many different jobs that involve horses that you can find one that fits YOU. You don’t have to be a good rider (although that increases your choices) - the only requirement is a genuine concern for their welfare and. total dedication.   The reason that you need to be dedicated is that you may have to start work very early and have few if any weekends off.   You may have to brave all kinds of weather because horses can’t be left standing in their stables all day long to develop habits that come from being bored or stressed.  Often the pay is not great, but the opportunities are always there for those who are prepared to work and study to become an expert in their chosen career. So what jobs are available?  If you are a very good rider you have the possibility of becoming a show jumper or an event person, a flat racing  jockey or a jump jockey.  You may have to start off as a groom who exercises horses for the more talented riders and work your way up Try to find a horsey job that fits your personality.  If you are naturally competitive, go to work with competition horses (that can include driving horses).  Maybe you are super patient and laid back,probably working with young horses would be your best choice.  If you are a sociable person who loves teaching you may prefer to train as a riding instructor.  Ambitious?  Starting your own riding school or livery stables is a great option and you will find that there are often government grants available to help you get started. Of course if you are already financially free or retired, your services would be greatly appreciated by voluntary organizations such as “Riding For The Disabled”.  Whatever you choose to do with your life, I hope you will decide to share some part of it with horses - the rewards far [...]

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Things you want to know about Horses

I was cleaning up my computer and ran across this pdf file - It talks about Paint Horses, Saddle-Bred Horses, Arabian Horses, the basics of Horse Care, Buying Your First Horse, Developing the Bond between Man and Horse, Draft Drought Horses, The Clydesdale - its twelve pages long. I have a vague recollection of where it came from and actually considered deleting it, but there is some good information in here that might be of interest to the beginning horse person. Let me know what you think. Horses.pdf

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Harry Vold Stock Contractor, Colorado

Who is Harry Vold? Well, he looks like and sounds like John Wayne, if John Wayne had a brother or a double it would have been Harry Vold. Harry is a rodeo stock contractor with a deep love of horses that shows in everything he does. He is now 86 years old and runs the Harry Vold Rodeo Company out of Pueblo Colorado. He is 86 now and still loves to ride on his ranch and watch his animals. "A good bucking horse has to have the heart and disposition, they have to want to buck", says Harry. His youngest daughter Kristen is now managing the ranch, but, not of course without Harry's input. Harry's animals are never bucked more then twice a week and have the best diet and the best of care and a great ranch to roam on. The following interview was done as the Colorado State Fair was getting underway. Harry and his rodeo company were of course in attendance. The Duke of the Chutes: Harry Vold's Sixty Years in Rodeo (Hardcover) - Review HERE IT IS! This is the book all the rodeo contestants, fans, committeemen, and contract performers have wanted to read forever. This is Harry Vold s life story. In it you'll see Harry s career as a premier rodeo producer and ... The road to the College National Finals Rodeo passes through Las ... - NMSU hired 11-time Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Stock Contractor of the Year Harry Vold, of the Harry Vold Rodeo Co., as the stock contractor for this rodeo. The team also hired “Radical Ryan Rodriguez” as the clown act. ...

Team Roper – Header, Jay Nellesen

Team Rope header Jay Nellesen out of Savannah, Mo. He has bee at it for a lot of years, since he was a child. Jay took a roping class when in 8th grade. He plans on team roping for the rest of his life. Its sort of an addiction. If you want to be a good team roper Jay, says to find a really good professional and follow him around for about five years. If you want to make good money it takes that long to learn. Team ropers have to have good and powerful horses and Jay - who is a large guy has one. He says winning depends a lot on the horse More on Jay Nellesen Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association Finals Highlight MO State Fair ... - Jay Nellesen. 4th. Jeremy Hemmann. 3rd. Troy Gorrell. Reserve Champion. Bryan Reiter. Champion. Troy Kitchener. TEAM ROPING HEELER. 5th. Chad Mathes. 4th. JR Henderson. 3rd. Brad Abernathy. Reserve Champion. Todd Reece. Champion ...

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Barrel Racing, interview with Tana Poppino

Tana Poppino & Goose, 2010 Fort Worth Rodeo An interview with Barrel Racing winner Tana Poppino. Tana has been barrel racing since she was five. She did have a real job for awhile for a utility company in the marketing department. Her boss made her choose marketing or rodeo. Tana's choice was rodeo. In 2003 she rodeo in the National Western in Denver. Tana has two great horses she rides with, that are spoiled. She says a good quarter horse has to have a lot of heart to be able to be a barrel racer. You can check out more about Tana on her website More about Tana,  and Barrel Racing, you may find interesting Lets hear from TANA POPPINO….. - Tana Poppino has a lot of outstanding memories of her time in the Oklahoma Panhandle. She attended Panhandle State in Goodwell and was part of the rodeo team that has become one of the elite in the National Intercollegiate Rodeo ... Poppino Wins Guymon, Okla. PRCA « The Barrel Racing Blog - Tana Poppino, currently in the top 10 in the WPRA standings, took home another big check this weekend when she won the Guymon, Okla., Guymon Pioneer Days PRCA Rodeo. With a second in the first round and a third in the second round, ...

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Korkow Rodeos – Stock Contractors

Jim Korkow, Stock Contractor What does a stock contractor do? ever wondered?this interview is with Jim Korkow. of Korkow Rodeos, South Dakota. This contractor supplies the following services. - Professional Personnel & Staff - Public Relations Packets - Colorful Opening Grand Entry Ceremonie - Complete Portable Arena and Bucking Chutes When Jim Korkow was in the eighth grade, his dad pulled him out of school one day. he needed Jim to drive a semi load of cattle to Sioux City, 280 miles away.Driving semis has been one of Jim’s favorite things to do ever since. Ervin Otto Korkow (Jim's father) will be inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame in Colorado Springs, CO, on July 11, 2009 Korkow podcast interview "][/audio]

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Interview PRCA Rodeo Association 2009

Cowboy PRCA Rodeo, history and what it doesLISTEN to the INTERVIEW:   PRCA interview with Sherry, What is it about?   Karen Riedl: Good afternoon! This is Karen from County Fairgrounds out of Denver. We’re going to talk today to Sherry Compton of the PRCA rodeo, Pro Rodeo. Hi, Sherry!Sherry Compton: Hi! How are you, Karen?Karen: Oh, I’m fine. I have a question because I didn’t recently really know too much about rodeo. I’ve often had a curiosity as to exactly what some of these rodeo associations do. So can you tell me a little bit about the history of the PRCA first?Sherry: Sure. Absolutely. The PRCA is the largest, oldest sanctioning body of professional rodeo. We’ve been around for a long, long time. I think in our infancy, a lot of roping and riding contests happened at the end of trailheads and trail drives. A lot of ranch outfits got together and had contests. They would have their best hands compete. So it was loosely organized for a long time, but they became anticipated events. In 1936, that was our first organizational effort when contestants rebelled against some promoters and demanded their fair prize money, consistency in judging, and honest advertising. So this group banded together. I think there were probably 61 of them. They started the Cowboy Turtle Association. They called it the Cowboy Turtle Association because they stuck their necks out, and they were so slow to organize.Karen: That’s funny! The Cowboy Turtle Association.Sherry: That was their original name because they stuck their necks out and they were so slow to organize, which is something they felt they should have done earlier. But from 1936 that was their name. In 1945 they changed the name to the Rodeo Cowboys Association. They had a permanent home in Colorado Springs. We moved down here in 1979, but in 1975 the Rodeo Cowboys Association became the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. So we’ve had a long history. We keep stats of all of our world champions and files on all these cowboys throughout the year, so we’ve got a lot of information here housed.Karen: I know that there’s a lot of rodeo associations. How do you fit in with all these rodeo associations, because there’s a lot of them around?Sherry: They’re all over I think within every state, just like there’s the Colorado Pro Rodeo Association. But we’re not affiliated with any other of those. We do work in cooperation with The Canadian Professional Rodeo Association. We are a [...]

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