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Bumble Bee Mass Poisoning

Pesticides are a problem. Like Bumble Bees, don't use them. There was a recent incident in Oregon of a mass poisoning of 50,000 Bumble Bees in Watsonville, Oregon. We have become a country of instant gratification and unfortunately that means instant insect control. Oregon has temporarily ???? banned 18 insecticides with the active ingredient dinotefuran. Apparently the mass Bumble Bee death occurred after a landscaper sprayed dozens of ornamental trees around a Target parking lot. The insecticide will be banned for at least four months while the Department of Agriculture tries to figure out exactly what happened. The Washington State Department of Agriculture decided on not banning this insecticide earlier this year . Instead, they will "urge the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to consider whether additional use restrictions are needed when the products are applied to ornamental plants. Excuse ME, mother nature survived for a long time without insecticides produced artificially by humankind. Chemical creations we are making are causing problems in more then one area of our life. They are affecting our food supply. They are affecting our health. This should NOT be about money. Humankind is suppose to be intelligent. Has anyone considered what happens if we kill off all the Bumble Bees? Don't say it cannot happen we have eradicated other species Remember the Passenger Pigeon?? probably NOT we managed to eradicate all of them "The Passenger Pigeon, once probably the most numerous bird on the planet, made its home in the billion or so acres of primary forest that once covered North America east of the Rocky Mountains. Their flocks, a mile wide and up to 300 miles long, were so dense that they darkened the sky for hours and days as the flock passed overhead. Population estimates from the 19th century ranged from 1 billion to close to 4 billion individuals. Total populations may have reached 5 billion individuals and comprised up to 40% of the total number of birds in North America (Schorger 1995). This may be the only species for which the exact time of extinction is known." This is from the website Chipper Woods Bird Observatory. This needs to stop or we might just as well kill off all mankind too - inevitably we probably will. Humankind is suppose to be intelligent. Really, really do you think so?? Here is another article about this subject Pesticide Causes Largest Mass Bumble Bee Death on Record

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Mosquito Magnet Presents the Science of Repelling Mosquitoes Podcast

Here we go fairgoers and fans of summer. What is one of the worst problems associated with having fun at a county fair or outside summer event? You have it - the dreaded mosquito. I remember taking my 13 year old niece to Country Thunder in August in Wisconsin. Well, she was born and raised in Arizona and had never been to Wisconsin before. We spent the night in my truck in a corn field outside the festival. Want to guess what happened?  I of course, was born and raised in Chicago area. So, I know better then to scratch. This kid, on the other hand woke up in the am with huge lump size bites all over her body.  She could not understand why I did not have them too. Anyway, here is a podcast that promises to help all of us. Mosquito Magnet Presents the Science of Repelling Mosquitoes Podcast.

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I have been invited to a Cricket Spitting Contest

This is a real county fair event. I am always on the look out for something different. Aren’t we all? This is definitely different. You put a dead cricket in your mouth and see how far you can spit it. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? It sure would be a big draw at a state fair. Even children under nine can do this. Cricket Spitting was developed in 1996 by entomolgist Tom Turpin at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. rules are simple: Competitors stand in a red circle, place thawed crickets inside their mouths and, spitting them as far as possible without stepping outside the circle. The official Guinness world record is 30 feet, 1.2 inches. The unofficial record from the Purdue Bug Bowl is 37 feet, 9.75 inches. Dead crickets, with no chocolate coating, fly further if launched head-first. I guess this is a sport not to be taken lightly – ” Chicago — A 23-year-old man suffered fatal injuries when he fell from his Mt. Prospect balcony during a spitting contest with his friends, police in northwest suburb said Tuesday.” ah, of course he was also drinking. The contest I was invited to is at the Florence County Fair in Wisconsin. However, I believe I will decline this one. Anyone got a good watermelon seed spitting contest? Cricket Spitting @ the Florence County Fair! That’s right. . . you come and put a cricket in your mouth and see how far you can spit it. Here are the rules: 1.) The farthest cricket wins. 2.) The cricket must remain in tact. 3.) You have 10 seconds from the moment the cricket is in your mouth until the time you spit it. 4.) There are three age groups: – 9 & under – 10-14 – 15 & up 5.) The top three spitters in each age group receive a medal.

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