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San Bernardino County Fair 2019

An annual event for over 70 years, the San Bernardino County Fair is THE destination in the High Desert for Fun. Concerts, carnival rides, food, games, animals, exhibits, and more! The Fair provides a diverse entertainment offering for everyone at an affordable price.his is a interview with Geoff Hinds, CEO Fair Manager about some of the history of the fair and fairgrounds.  He also talks about what is new and exciting this year at the fair and fair food and entertainment. **************************************************************************** This years fair features a lot of fun and exciting carnival rides.

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Calveras County Fair and Frog Jubilee 2019

The Calaveras County Fair and Frog Jubilee is coming on May 16th-19th in Angels Camp, California. Their attendance is approximately. 35,000 to 40,000. The Theme is "Be a Kid Again!". They have all kinds of events including of course the International  Frog Jumping Contest in which contestants can bring their own frog or use one of the local provided bullfrogs - and classic fair food, carnival rides, live music, goofy competitions, livestock, rodeo, with  opportunities to sample award winning local wines and agriculture.Be sure to check out - Checkout the Frog Hop of Fame from past Frog Jump winners in historic downtown Angels Camp.This is a interview with Laurie Giannini, CEO Fair Manager about some of the history of the fair and fairgrounds, and rodeo. She also talks about what is new and exciting this year at the fair and what specifically they have for children to do that is fun. ********************************************************************

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Alameda County Fair 2011 – Fun Food Facts

What people eat at county fairs has long fascinated me. It does probably because I am a health food and organic food nut. The average American eats way too much stuff they should not be eating. This is one of the reasons we have so many health issues in this country. Its alos true that most people do not realize how awfully awesome organic and fresh food can taste and they think they would be giving up so much if they tried it. Well, I am here to tell you its simply not true. Orangic and healthy food has wonderful taste, - its just different from what most people are used to. Anyway this is waht the fair goers ate at this years Alameda County Fair Corn Dogs – 91,414 consumed Funnel Cakes – 29,834 consumed Shaved Ices – 14,963 consumed Turkey Legs – 7,559 consumed Cinnamon Rolls – 5,297 consumed Deep Fried Oreos – 3,791 consumed Scorpions – 1,546 consumed Alligator – Nearly 500 lbs consumed

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Bill Rankin, of Rankin’s Ranch, CA

Bill Rankin is a real cowboy. He has been one all his life. Bill is the 4th generation of his family to live on their working cattle ranch in Walker's Basin outside of Bakersfield. He has children, three son-in-laws, and grandchildren , who work Rankin Ranch with him. In about 1965 the ranch became a guest ranch, where families come in the summer, to experience a life with no TV or computers. There is hiking and ping pong, fishing, horses, trail rides, great food, and cattle. Listen to the Interview with Bill Rankin, August 2010 *************************************************************** -

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Knott’s Celebrates Pink’s Grand Opening

Knott's Celebrates Pink’s Grand Opening. February 22, 2010 -- Knott’s Berry Farm will celebrate the grand opening of the world’s famous Pink’s Hot Dogs at Knott’s Berry Farm’s Marketplace on Sunday, February 28. For over 70 years the family-owned Pink’s has had crowds lined up around the corner just waiting for a taste of one of their delicious chili dogs, and now this delicacy has finally come to Orange County!

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The first fair TXT contest

This is the first TXT contest from a fairgrounds I have seen. Congratulations to the California State Fair for being innovative! ****TEXT to WIN! Text GRAPE to 35350!**** CALIFORNIA’S Grape & Gourmet Thursday, July 9 5:30 – 9:00 PM Ages 21 and Over Only NEW LOCATION! Sacramento Convention Center Text GRAPE to 35350* for the chance to win tickets to CALIFORNIA’S Grape & Gourmet!

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Food and Fairs going greener? greasy food leftovers

Here is a result of corndogs and other greasy fair food — besides the wonderful taste and for most of us, the guilt we feel after we eat — is biodiesel. in 2006, the Oregon state fair developed a policy that vendors had to collect leftover grease from which a contractor converts into biodiesel, an average of 2,800 gallons per each fair. This is good but, not eating some of the stuff would be of course better for the average American. Hey here is a new way for us to power things… if we all did this imagine what would happen. Maybe, our cars would pass gas… umm fart. Hey a farting car! I wonder if people realize that corndogs can be used as fuel? What do you think the average teenager would say to that? According to the pyramid of nutrition, each individual’s balanced diet should include eight servings of fruits and veggies daily, six servings of carbohydrates (rice, pasta etc.), four servings of dairy products and two servings of meat products. That also includes drinking eight glasses of water. Do you see greasy corndogs on the above list? My grandson recently visited and he lived while he was with me, on corndogs, and chicken fingers… primarily. Eat fruit..? Whats that? Of course if he continues to live on that,,, he might get indigestion and not have to go to school. Have you ever had a conversation about good healthy food with an eleven year old? Needless to say what a diet of drinking exclusively cola products can do your growth at that age. People don’t realize how inexpensive and easy it is to make biodiesel fuel. Raw materials cost little — used cooking oil, leftover methanol from chemistry researchers and potassium hydroxide (lye) from the hardware store — the associate professor of chemical and petroleum engineering a can brew up biodiesel for less than $1 a gallon. Within a year or two perhaps every single one of KU’s diesel-burning vehicles and pieces of equipment — from buses to lawnmowers, tractors and anything else — will run on a B20 blend of fuel (20 percent biodiesel). There are no oil wells in Chicago but there are a lot of restaurants. What did restaurants do before there was bottled cooking oil? The city of San Francisco is on a roll…. plans are now under way to turn the copious amounts of waste vegetable oil produced in the city’s 2600 restaurants into biodiesel. The goal: offsetting 20% of [...]

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