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Alameda County Fair 2011 – Fun Food Facts

What people eat at county fairs has long fascinated me. It does probably because I am a health food and organic food nut. The average American eats way too much stuff they should not be eating. This is one of the reasons we have so many health issues in this country. Its alos true that most people do not realize how awfully awesome organic and fresh food can taste and they think they would be giving up so much if they tried it. Well, I am here to tell you its simply not true. Orangic and healthy food has wonderful taste, - its just different from what most people are used to. Anyway this is waht the fair goers ate at this years Alameda County Fair Corn Dogs – 91,414 consumed Funnel Cakes – 29,834 consumed Shaved Ices – 14,963 consumed Turkey Legs – 7,559 consumed Cinnamon Rolls – 5,297 consumed Deep Fried Oreos – 3,791 consumed Scorpions – 1,546 consumed Alligator – Nearly 500 lbs consumed

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InkFest 2010

Dedication: the following podcast is dedicated to Ross Golderberg, who seems to love being Tattooed For over 7000 years man has been drawn to the tattoo, now this art form has created a global culture all of it's own. InkFest Live is the new face of tattooing. Gone are the days of shady back room tattooists, today's artists are true pros creating mind blowing works of skin art .InkFest Live showcases these artists in an exciting urban environment that will entertain and enlighten. InkFest Live is the first of it's kind expo, combining the best tattoo artists, graffiti, vendors, custom cars & bikes, music ************** More on Tattoos, you may find interesting. Body Art - Posted February 4, 2008, by Everett Lehman, MS, MBA, and Amy Mobley, MS Tattoo artists and body piercers are at increased risk of coming in contact with blood in the workplace which may increase their exposure to bloodborne diseases. ... When Tattoos and Art Go to the Hogs – Pig Tattooing - Widely criticized for some of his vastly controversial methods of artwork on what some deem as highly intelligent pets, conceptual artist Wim Delvoye has found a rather provocative means to express art by tattooing pigs with Disney ... Tramp Stamp: The Lower Back Tattoo - Loading Fetching blurbs now... please stand by .... Tattoo Photo Gallery for Tattoo Artists - Create your own online portfolio gallery to ...

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