Being a concessionaire is a tough business. There is a lot of competition. Getting booked is hard work and there are always a lot of new concessions coming along.

If you do NOT want to get booked follow these rules

1) send an email with just a link in it to a website or YouTube channel – with no verbiage in the email. It sorta looks like spam and more then likely whoever it is that you are sending it to will not open it.

2) have a icky looking old fashioned funky website. Having a website like this – that looks like a magazine old fashioned ad certainly will help you not get booked.

3) sending a video that has a cute dog or kids or showing you handshaking a crowd is certainly not relevant to what you do. These days having a very unprofessional video is a sure way not to get you booked.

4) don’t send pictures of your product. You really don’t want to get booked so why send pictures

5) send a lot of junky emails – why send one professional well written email with a video or proper pictures, when you can send lots of short choppy incomplete emails and bombard the person who is doing the booking right?

6) send the fair or event a picture of a hamburger. They probably have never seen one and maybe they will be thrilled by the photo, right?

Okay, enough of the nonsense – realistically – send one professional email. The more professional the better. An appropriate video showing your booth and set up and you at event with crowds would be appropriate, pictures of the same would be good, a menu and a picture of the inside of your booth would be nice. You might also mention briefly some of the events you have done. And, if it should be a first event you are applying for? All of the above apply, just because it might be your first event – does not mean you do not have a chance of getting booked, if your email is professional. Its like applying for a job after all.