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Kent Whitaker is a culinary writer and cookbook author. He is the winner of the Emeril Live BBQ contest and winner of an American Authors Association Gold medal. Kent’s books are in bookstores nationwide and are available online. Kent lives in Chattanooga. Visit him online at www.thedeckchef.com

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Sometimes you want something other than a hot dog or burger on the grill and that’s where seafood comes in to play. Seafood, from simple cod fillets to shrimp, clams, oysters, shark steaks, and more are all perfect for cooking over hot coals or open gas flames. The trick is to understand one important thing… grilling seafood is incredibly simple!

And that’s where using something as simple as a foil fish boat comes in handy. Unless you grill all of the time and have a wide variety of non-stick grilling baskets you may be hesitant about grilling more delicate white fish fillets directly on the hot grate. The obvious fear that that the fillet will break apart… which it will naturally flake when it’s done. Flakes can turn into large chunks of your meal falling into to fire.


Why a Boat and not just a sheet of Foil?

What’s a foil fish boat? – all you are really doing is providing a nice surface that you can grill thin and delicate filets on worry-free. A splash of butter or non-stick spray is all you really need. I love foil and this is a recipe and technique that I use to cook seafood and shrimp on the grill. T also works with vegetable burgers and turkey burgers. The point is, you have the smooth surface of a skillet with the smoky flavor from your grill!

Here’s where a “boat” comes in handy! By forming a boat or bowl type of shape with your foil you can add additional items in without having to worry about things sliding off. Plus, depending on how thin your fillet is, you may not even need to turn it. Just let the heat from the bottom coals and the refracted heat from a closed cover grill, smoke and bake your fish at the same time.

And, if the sides of the foil are long enough you can add the ingredients, fold lightly to seal, and then grill. You’ve just eliminated the worry of serving dried out fillets. Serving shrimp? Toss in the shrimp, sprinkle with seasoning, a few dashes of water and some butter, fold slightly, grill and you have tasty steamed shrimp with added grilled flavor.

How about mini low country boil packs? Pre-cook slices of smoked sausage, red mini potatoes, and thin sliced corn pieces. Combine everything and season with Cajun or Creole seasoning. Spoon individual equal portions of the mix to formed foil boats, add shrimp and some more seasoning. Fold, grill, open and enjoy!

Here’s the best part – Prepare, cook, and eat out of the foil boat. Toss in the garbage when done and avoid washing a bunch of dishes! It’s perfect for home or while camping.

The Basic Fish Recipe – AKA – Hobo Grilled Fish!

Top the fillet with your favorite seasonings, lemon juice, or whatever you wish and cook on the grill. The foil boat keeps the fish or shrimp from sticking to the grill and you don’t have to worry about smaller piece breaking apart of falling out of a grilling basket. The beauty is that you can move the pieces around with ease in case one item is cooking faster than the other. You can cook with the pack opened or pinched closed as mentioned above. Serve when the fillet flakes with ease! Hope you enjoy the tip and simple recipe!