Ever thought about participating in an easting contest? Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog eating contest lasts ten minutes! In that time the  guy who eats the most hot dogs wins. There is no such thing as a healthy food challenge. Have you ever seen a restaurant offer a healthy salad challenge?

23ShotdogbunketchupFirst of all why would you want to do this?  There are dangers – you could end up with as acid reflux, choking, stomach rupture, and inflammation or even tearing of the esophagus. You need to train to avoid these dangers. Avoid salt because it makes the body retain water.  Take digestive enymes on a regular basis and double or triple them before a contest. using probiodtics helps too, they break down the food into nutrients in the intestine.

The video below show a human stomach with a lot of  hot dogs extended.  Human stomachs can hold about 1 quart but can be stretched to hold a gallon with training. Experts recommend a lot of physical exercise training to go along with your eating training. People who participate in eating contests are usually thin and in shape Weight lifting, because it helps avoid the dangers of stomach stretching.  Exercise also increases your metabolism allowing you to burn calories faster.

Now you need technic – yes, for a hot dog eating contest. You can eat the whole hot dog, or eat the buns and actual hot dog separately, or dip the bun in water to make it go down faster (less chewing time).  You can also jump up and down and wiggle to pack it down.

Hot dog eating contests are about control! Personally, I can think of other things I would rather use the control method on – regular exercise being one of them, eating healthy foods another. Hot Dog eating contest winners are control freaks. They have learned how to control the gag reflux, by ignoring it and the vomiting reflex too.

In 2013 a New World Record was attained by,  Joey Chestnut, Coney Island, 69 hot dogs in less then then minutes. His career goal is 70 hot dogs and then he is suppose to retire.

Now what happens to all those hot dogs in the eater’s stomach?

Meats and high grain foods take longer to digest.  After the contest and about ten minutes , the body just wants to feel better.  How bad you will feel depends on how unhealthy the food was. Bottle of Water Drinking a lot of water will help take care of the salt intake.  Go home and rest for a few hours, becuase you are not going to feel good. Take a fiber supplement (with a few natural laxatives) – yes, fiber because what you ate was unhealthy and you need fiber to help you digest and get it out of your body. Take the stool softeners before you go to sleep.  Upset stomach aids may work like Tums or Pepto-Bismo.  These things should work for the hot dog challenge but if you are into a spicy challenge of food try this – Website