Is watermelon good for you?  – you bet

It is rich in lycopene, and B vitamins,magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin A.  It is a fruit for every occasion and very popular in this country.watermelon

We all know kids consume too much sugar. How about freezing watermelon slices anddifferent types of berries in popsicle trays instead of the sugar “other stuff”. I bet the kids would not even notice the difference.   Some of the other things to be made with watermelon include pie, cup cakes, coconut cake, watermelon salsa, BBQ sauces, kabobs,drinks and smoothies, and sorbet.

One of my fondest memories is summer at my uncles house and the ice cold fresh watermelon he would always serve.  The watermelon and his bonfires made my uncle Vic extremely popular among us kids.

Hey adults, You can also take a watermelon and bore a hole in it and put in hard liquor – let  get ice cold – what adult would not lovethat on a hot summers day?

What else can you do with watermelon?  Well – believe it or not you can grill it. One recipe I am dying to try is Grilled Spicy Watermelon. Look for it on – along with a whole bunch of other unusual recipes to try.


watermelonIf you want to see some really truly amazing carved watermelons try this link on