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on Recycling

  Introduction - on Recycling The Recycling Opportunity System has set up a statewide system for managing solid waste that was called the most comprehensive in the nation. Where does the material go next? The destination depends on the particular item in question, but the process of collecting and re-manufacturing recyclable materials is only part of recycling. Therefore, before using a recycled product, look for the recycle label on the products you buy. What exactly is Recycling? Recycling is a process of bringing waste materials into reusable objects to prevent waste of potentially useful materials. After turning a recyclable product into a raw form, they can be used to create a new, different products. Why recycle?  Not only are natural resources limited, but on recycling efforts will reduce additional waste products that may cause harm to human, resources, and nature.   Is recycling important? There are various good reasons for adding recycling to our daily life, and this may result from a personal level to a global advantage. Recycling waste products get you more adapted to the way you use and dispose of stuff. It is apparent that people who involve themselves in this insist on buying unwanted things from a supermarket, they think of disposing of those products after use before even buying them. By applying this method, people end up as a result, saving an amount of money while also saving the planet. Some Individuals, governing bodies and other companies also take pride in limiting their waste products as they can help to reduce world environmental damages and make the earth a better place on which to live. It is a direct contribution everyone should emulate.   What Can I Recycle? When you think on recycling at times, you think only about recycling materials. However, in reality, almost anything is recyclable. Below some of the common recyclable things are listed. Cars Instead of sending your car to the junkyard or selling it, you can donate it to a charitable organization. Not only will you keep the vehicle out of the landfill, but you will also receive a tax deduction for doing so.     Clothes Clothes are one of the easiest materials to recycle as so many charitable organizations will accept them such as Goodwill, Veteran's Support Groups, and most churches. Also, you can sell them at a consignment shop if they are still in good shape and style. Food Start a compost heap in your backyard, then Instead of throwing old food in the trash; [...]

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7 Rock & Roll Festivals that Changed History (For Better or Worse)

7 Rock & Roll Festivals, - or Hooligans causing a ruckus. That’s modern music in a nutshell, right? Don’t be so quick to judge! After all, you may have been one of those hooligans. Today we are reviewing 7 Rock & Roll festivals that altered public perception figuratively and literally. But first, we need to look at Rock’s roots. Beatles or Stones notwithstanding, Rock & Roll has a uniquely American flavor. March 21st, 1952: The Moondog Coronation Ball Where: Cleveland, Ohio What went right: Walk down a music store aisle 65 years earlier and you’d notice records sorted by ethnicity. One man decided music was colorblind. Sportscaster Sportscaster Alan Freed liked this Rhythm & Blues thing. And, despite being marketed towards African-Americans, young Americans did too. Record store owner, Leo Mintz, exclaimed to Freed, “Kids are rockin’ and rollin’ in the aisles to these records, but they won’t buy them!” Freed would bring R&B to the masses. Freed changed gears and became “King of Moondoggers” for WJW radio. His late-night program broadcast artists of all backgrounds to all Americans. Having cornered the market, Freed’s next move would be to host “the most terrible ball of them all.”  The Moondog Coronation Ball at 3717 Euclid Avenue is America’s first Rock & Roll concert. Though pre-Civil Rights Movement, Freed’s audience was multi-racial. African-American patrons were elated to discover that their champion was white. What went wrong: Moondog’s Coronation Ball promised an eclectic lineup. It never made it past the first song. No one could have anticipated the turnout. 20,000 attendees spilled in to the 10,000 capacity Cleveland Arena. Unbeknownst to ticket holders, Freed arranged follow-up dates. A printing error omitted this detail. Counterfeiting contributed to the exaggerated attendance. Irate attendees broke the central glass panel. A riot erupted and law officials broke up the concert.   July 25th, 1965: Newport Folk Festival Where: Newport, Rhode Island What went right: Bob Dylan owes his career to the Newport Folk Festival. It was the first venue he achieved national recognition. His second performance marked a public transition from acoustic to electric. What went wrong: It’s understandable that Dylan’s audience felt they held stake in his career and image. The organizer, according to roadie Jonathon Taplin, discouraged electric sound. Dylan opened with electric version of Maggie’s Farm. Boos immediately erupted from the crowd. Dylan and company left the stage after the booing made their sound inaudible. He would not play at the festival for 37 years.   January 21st, [...]

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9 Steps to the PERFECT Music Festival

32 million people attend music festivals each year.  Are you interested in hosting the PERFECT Music Festival? Is yours on their radar? Hosting the perfect music festival is not easy. Talent aside, there are monetary, zoning, and scheduling considerations. County Fair USA breaks down what makes the best festivals tick. Follow each step for an event that can't be beat! Step 1) Fund your music festival Firefly Music Festival in Delaware is nothing less than an underdog success story. Their festival raised $1 million within 24 hours of launch. Yes, 24 hours plus 5 years of planning. You've got an idea, but what's your pitch? A music festival is a pipe dream without money. A sad fact is that profit is the only reason suits would take a shot on an eager upstart. Bootstrapping will be your primary option until the festival inevitably scales up (Am I being presumptuous? Of course!). Firefly built expertise hosting smaller, niche events. Investors won't take a shot on festivals that aim too high. If you're more an 'ideas kind of guy/gal', hire someone that has been down this road. Crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe let amateurs test the waters. Hell, even experienced planners use crowdfunding to quickly build capital. The premise is simple: Pitch your festival online. People from all over the world can back your project. If there is demand, it will reach appropriate funding before a deadline. Combine crowdfunding with social media for maximum exposure. Facebook Pages are mandatory! Younger attendees prefer to keep friends in the loop on Facebook and Twitter. Proposition other event managers in your niche. Most local establishments are keen to help entrepreneurs because this opens a cross-promotional avenue. Don't be discouraged if your project fails to garner adequate backing. Even festivals boasting world-famous headliners flop. Rock band 'My Bloody Valentine' agreed to headline Hop Farm Music Festival in Kent, England. A hostile economic climate killed its momentum. There could be a number of reasons for an initial failure. Pinpoint costs down to the last toilet paper roll and be prepared to recalculate your budget several times. Don't be surprised to break even your first time 'round. Potential backers desire some semblance of structure. Work through the remaining steps on our list before making your pitch.   Step 2) Insure your music festival You name it, someone's insured it. So why not music festivals? Festivals are a profit-making enterprise like any brick-and-mortar business. City/town officials will regard it as such. Suppose an errant cigarette [...]

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Cinco de Mayo, means freedom

Cinco de Mayo,  Grito de Dolores honors Mexican independence. Cinco de Mayo proves she deserves it. Yet Mexico’s future was uncertain concurrent the American Civil War. In 1861, France peered across the Atlantic and saw a distraction. Hitherto, Mexico owed several backers large interest sums. France would make her pay by force! But there was an ulterior motive. A Tale of Two Presidents President Lincoln understood that a Mexican alliance was pivotal to Union victory. Mexico’s President Benito Juarez was happy to oblige – European puppet governments were legitimate concerns. United States policy discouraged European nations from intervening. Conversely, France’s Emperor Napoleon III would profit from Confederate victory. Union occupation halted French trade. Without Union policy holding them back, France was free to engage Mexico. A True Underdog Story And it did, despite standing policy. Lincoln’s Union was pre-occupied and could not intervene. French military covered Mexico like a plague. There were two French soldiers for every one Mexican! Mexico City was destined to fall, but not before one of the biggest upsets in military history. On May 5th, under General Zaragoza’s command, Mexico’s army repelled France at ‘Puebla’. Word travelled internationally. The improbable victory emboldened Mexican’s home and abroad. The Fight for Freedom Continued resistance made France’s endeavour fruitless. America, eventually reunited, pressured France into relinquishing control. Napoleon III’s puppet emperor was executed and President Juarez returned to power. Cinco de Mayo (“Five of May”) remembers Mexico’s struggle and acknowledges her spirit. Celebrating at the Turn of the Century Cinco de Mayo enjoyed renewed American interest following the 1960’s. Today, Cinco de Mayo ceremonies are held in every state. In fact, General Zaragoza’s birthplace, Goliad, Texas, is the official celebration location. Puebla, however, still boasts being Cinco de Mayo’s largest celebratory location. Participants re-enact the conflict between Mexican and French soldiers. (We hate to ruin a surprise, but Mexico always wins.) Food, song, and dance proceed. Color floats and piñatas adorn Puebla’s streets. Adult and child alike scarf down plate after plate of Mole Poblano. Ingredients like chili pepper and chocolate make a unique juxtaposition for your palate. Tequila is, naturally, imbibed liberally. In recent years, focus has been placed on international music plus traditional Mexican artists. United we Stand Benito Juarez remarked that Mexico would be wise to imitate her neighbour’s democratic principles. Lincoln and Juarez had mutual affection, despite never meeting. Cinco de Mayo reminds all nations that freedom is worth striving for.

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