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New Year traditions to bring good luck to your home

For most of us, the New Year means hope for a new beginning, another chance to make a positive difference not only in our own lives but also to those around us. It signifies another opportunity for us to become a better, healthier, more beautiful, and more successful version of who we currently are. Typically, we’d make a list, literally or figuratively, of our New Year’s resolutions. Typically too, we’d invoke or evoke good luck to come our way to help us bring to completion what we resolve to do and/or be in the coming 12 months. Superstitious or not, we cling to certain traditional practices for inviting good luck into our homes and into our lives on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. If they work, that’s well and good. If not, there’s no harm done in having tried. Of course, the actual practices for invoking or evoking or summoning good fortune varies depending on which cultural milieu you came from. If your roots are Latin American, chances are you’d be wearing bright red or yellow underpants on your way to welcoming the New Year. If you’re from Italy or Portugal, you’d probably be eating 12 grapes from a bunch at the stroke of midnight. If you’re from the Philippines, you’d likely be in polka dots and munching on as many assorted round fruits as possible as you clink away at the coins which fill up your pockets. Among people belonging to a common nationality or culture, there are certain beliefs they usually share that doing certain things on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day will somehow affect how the coming days and months ahead will turn out eventually. Most like the Chinese employ public ceremonial dancing and fireworks displays to ward off evil spirits and bad luck. The Dutch set their Christmas trees on fire and build bonfires on the street as they light fireworks and parade about and around the town. Panamanians on the other hand prefer to burn effigies of their politicians and other well-known personalities. The Scots hold parades of men who swing fireballs attached to poles around and over their heads. The Danes throw plates and glasses against the doors of their friends and relatives while Colombians walk around their neighborhoods carrying empty suitcases. And South Africans throw old appliances and other heavy things out their windows, just as the Japanese visit their temples to hear the bells chime 108 times. For many Americans, well, their New Year’s Day [...]

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Ohio 2010 Lawn Mower Association Finals

Interview with Bruce, Kaufman, about this years Championships Lawn mower racers from across America and Canada will converge in Delaware “MOWhio” during Labor Day weekend as the United States Lawn Mower Racing Association (USLMRA) presents the 18th Annual STA-BIL Nationals Lawn Mower Racing Championships, Saturday-Sunday, Sept. 4-5, at the Delaware County Fairgrounds, 236 Pennsylvania Ave., Delaware, OH. Race time is 7:00 PM Saturday, Sept. 4 and 2:00 PM Sunday, Sept. 5. Admission is $5.00, free for kids 12 and under. The mowtivating weekend will also feature a live web cast of the STA-BIL Keeps Gas Fresh Finals via http://www.speedcasttv.com on Saturday night, the induction of Ken “Turfinator” Smolecki and Bill Simpson into the USLMRA National Lawn Mower Racing Hall of Fame & Museum of America and the Inaugural U.S. Open. “STA-BIL Nationals Weekend is where the nation’s best lawn mower racers weed out the competition to determine the ultimate grass kickers,” said Bruce Kaufman, “Mr. Mow It All” USLMRA Founder and President. “More than 120 sod warriors will heed the call: Ready, set, mow!” The STA-BIL Keeps Gas Fresh Finals is the culminating event of the newly rebranded 18-race STA-BIL Lawn & Garden Mower Racing Series the first ever category-specific racing series for the $22 Billion lawn and garden industry where brands promote their lawn mower racing sponsorship via a cooperative marketing platform. National Points Champions in seven racing classes will be crowned, matching the nation's fastest racing lawn mowers from across America at speeds up to 60 mph in deck-to-deck bladeless competition to determine the ultimate Titans of the Turf. More than 550 USLMRA members compete for trophies, glory and bragging rights. There are no cash prizes. Races will be televised on Fox Sports Net in the fall. The U.S. Open will bring together hundreds of racing mowers from various sanctioning bodies, clubs and independent groups from across America and Canada for mower-take-all showdowns in 11 classes and will showcase the 2010 USLMRA National Champions. The USLMRA sanctions and presents organized lawn mower racing across America including the 18-race STA-BIL Lawn & Garden Mower Racing Series and a network of 48 Local Chapters and Affiliated Clubs hosting more than 150 sanctioned races nationwide. USLMRA sponsors include STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer, HEET GasLine Antifreeze, Diesel Power!,104+ Octane Boost, No Leak, Alumaseal, Start Your Engines!, and K&N Filters.

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InkFest 2010

Dedication: the following podcast is dedicated to Ross Golderberg, who seems to love being Tattooed For over 7000 years man has been drawn to the tattoo, now this art form has created a global culture all of it's own. InkFest Live is the new face of tattooing. Gone are the days of shady back room tattooists, today's artists are true pros creating mind blowing works of skin art .InkFest Live showcases these artists in an exciting urban environment that will entertain and enlighten. InkFest Live is the first of it's kind expo, combining the best tattoo artists, graffiti, vendors, custom cars & bikes, music ************** More on Tattoos, you may find interesting. Body Art - Posted February 4, 2008, by Everett Lehman, MS, MBA, and Amy Mobley, MS Tattoo artists and body piercers are at increased risk of coming in contact with blood in the workplace which may increase their exposure to bloodborne diseases. ... When Tattoos and Art Go to the Hogs – Pig Tattooing - Widely criticized for some of his vastly controversial methods of artwork on what some deem as highly intelligent pets, conceptual artist Wim Delvoye has found a rather provocative means to express art by tattooing pigs with Disney ... Tramp Stamp: The Lower Back Tattoo - Loading Fetching blurbs now... please stand by .... Tattoo Artists.org: Photo Gallery for Tattoo Artists - Create your own online portfolio gallery to ...

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Knott’s Celebrates Pink’s Grand Opening

Knott's Celebrates Pink’s Grand Opening. February 22, 2010 -- Knott’s Berry Farm will celebrate the grand opening of the world’s famous Pink’s Hot Dogs at Knott’s Berry Farm’s Marketplace on Sunday, February 28. For over 70 years the family-owned Pink’s has had crowds lined up around the corner just waiting for a taste of one of their delicious chili dogs, and now this delicacy has finally come to Orange County!

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What about the FFA?

What is the FFA? At one time it was an organization just for farmers. Listen to me as I interview with Riley Branch, National FFA Organization, Western Region Vice President. About what the FFA is and what it does today. NOTE: the podcast is about this convention October 21 National FFA Convention, Indianapolis, State Fairgrounds West, Toyota Blue Ribbon, Champions, Pioneer Our Land & Northwest Pavilions, Toyota Exposition Hall, Ag/Hort Building & Grand Hall Information: Jim Armbruster (317) 802-4334 Convention 2015 takes place in Louisville, Kentucky

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