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Knott’s Celebrates Pink’s Grand Opening

Knott's Celebrates Pink’s Grand Opening. February 22, 2010 -- Knott’s Berry Farm will celebrate the grand opening of the world’s famous Pink’s Hot Dogs at Knott’s Berry Farm’s Marketplace on Sunday, February 28. For over 70 years the family-owned Pink’s has had crowds lined up around the corner just waiting for a taste of one of their delicious chili dogs, and now this delicacy has finally come to Orange County!

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Stanislaus County Fair, CEO Tony Leo retires

Interview with retiring CEO Tony Leo who will be leaving the Stanislaus County Fair after being around for about thirty years. We talk about some famous people he met and where he sees the fair industry going in the future. He gives advice if you would like to be a fair manager too. Read More about this County Fair! stanislaus county fair | stanislaus county fair 2009 | 2009 ... - stanislaus county fair | stanislaus county fair 2009 | 2009 stanislaus county fair | stanislaus county 2009 fair | renewable fun the stanislaus county fair starts from31st evening for ten days. this year's theme of “renewable fun” ...Kids' Day crowd descends on fair - The line to enter the Rainforest was long, and yet, it still didn't come close to the line for meeting Dora and Diego for Kids' Day at the Stanislaus County Fair this evening. At one point, people joining the line to meet the famous ...

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State Fair Calendar 2010

We are almost finished with and ready to ship our 2010 State Fair Calendar. The calendar has great photos and lots of dates and some history of some of the events in it. Featured are Arizona State Fair, Colorado State Fair, Iowa State Fair, State Fair of Louisiana, Wisconsin State Fair, California State Fair, New Jersey State Fair, Georgia State Fair, Pennsylvania Farm Show, Cal Expo Flower Show and Christkindlmarket in Chicago. There are of course a lot of 2010 state fair dates also. This Calendar is just plain fun.     It is available for purchase as a pdf file download or a printed mailed wall calendar. Click on the calendar for more information. ***************** Some State Fair Links you might enjoy! Deep Fried @ the N.C. State Fair | Deep Fried Ambassador update ... - I had a great time at the State Fair this afternoon. I strolled the grounds during the final hour of set-up. The calm before the storm. It's kind of nice, all fresh and new, with temporarily empty food booths beckoning. ... cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels… - after a weekend spent at home with my parents and one of my favorite friends, i woke up to an orange sky in college station this morning. we saw the color purple at the great state fair of texas on saturday and it has me looking at the ...

California State Fair Moves the BIG FUN to July

SACRAMENTO, CA (October 9, 2009) The California Exposition & State Fair board of directors today voted to change the California State Fair dates to July, starting in 2010. After a lengthy discussion and considerable research by staff and others, the Cal Expo board cited numerous reasons for moving the State Fair to earlier in the summer. Of primary importance is the decreased conflict with the back-to-school schedule. An audit of the 2009-2010 Greater Sacramento Area K-12 school population revealed that there are approximately 400,000 school-age children in the State Fair’s target geographic area. Within that area, the vast majority of schools plan to start their 2010 academic year in August, rather than after Labor Day. Since 2003, California schools have gradually shifted their calendars to allow for an earlier start date in the Summer and an earlier end date in the Spring. The State Fair’s traditional schedule of ending on Labor Day is in direct conflict with that shift. “This institution has a long history of being a destination for families,” said California State Fair CEO and General Manager Norbert J, Bartosik. “Over the last six to seven years we have seen a continual decrease in our weekday attendance and the amount of repeat family visitors because of the school schedule. Fair fans that used to come two and three times during a single Fair season are now able to come only once.” Fair organizers believe that a move to July would give families more scheduling flexibility and greater opportunities to enjoy the event in a timeframe that is not so impacted by back-to-school activities and expenses. “This is a major shift for us, but we feel this move is necessary for the State Fair to maintain its legacy of representing and showcasing California culture to Californians. We need to be able to grow and adapt to society’s changes,” Bartosik said. The State Fair management has explored the challenges and opportunities that come with a move this significant. Analysis indicates that over the long term, the future benefits of the move could outweigh the drawbacks and challenges of the initial shift. Recently conducted research suggests that the date change to July will remove one of the major barriers to attendance. In the coming months, State Fair organizers plan to explore ways of combating the other factors that impact the attendance from year to year. “We’ll be exploring everything from new entertainment, to more season passes and discounts.” It is expected that the Fair industry will adjust to [...]

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The first fair TXT contest

This is the first TXT contest from a fairgrounds I have seen. Congratulations to the California State Fair for being innovative! ****TEXT to WIN! Text GRAPE to 35350!**** CALIFORNIA’S Grape & Gourmet Thursday, July 9 5:30 – 9:00 PM Ages 21 and Over Only NEW LOCATION! Sacramento Convention Center Text GRAPE to 35350* for the chance to win tickets to CALIFORNIA’S Grape & Gourmet!

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