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Gardening is like working out

    If you use a rake, shovel, spade, and hoe you will get into better health. This is like a  sport if you count, mulching, manure, hauling gravel, and  slinging mud. Do you have any idea how much effort it takes to move a half ton of gravel. It will also improve the way your landscaping looks. You can get biceps from gardening and hoeing. Large vegetable gardens require physical effort. Want produce that tastes great? Then you have to hoe, weed, plant, water, harvest. Mother Nature is pretty smart here. In essence accomplishing a couple things at once. You get the produce and you get a workout. Gardening can help to  maintain joint flexibility, prevent osteoporosis, and burn calories. According to actual studies, gardeners spend 17 percent less on health care services then non-gardeners. Gardening reduces stress and has mental health benefits. After gardening and hauling gravel for the the day, sit back on the porch when finished , watch the runners go by. Know that you have accomplished two things in your day, you worked out and you are going to get a lovely crop of organic food.

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