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Human Cannonball

Shawn is a 34 year dad and a human Cannonball , who does approximately 400 shows a year. He has two boys m one nine and one five who are following in his footsteps - and a wife who does a high wire act. They have done a lot of circus events and a lot of county and state fairs. Shawn also has a full recording studio which has the capability to write, record, and produce music for your next event. SO he is a man of many talents! Listen to "HumanCannonball-Shawn_Marren" on Spreaker.

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Lillipop Stiltwalkers

This is an interview with Lilli Erickson - owner of Lillipop.met and lots of lots of stiltwalkers. - We talk about how she got started with the stiltwalking business and her background and some of te other things she has done.  Stiltwalkers are just plain fun. She tells about some of the experiences she has had and some of the experiences her employee stiltwalkers have had. They are out of the Dallas area. ****************************************************************************

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The Crazy Daysies

Rebecca Day and her sister Jen Day Thompson make up a swampy feeling band called "The Crazy Daysies". They are an acoustic based country music group out of Jacksonville, Florida. Both of the sisters write music. They also feature a percussionist  Beau Littles when called for. Rebecca is a full time musician and also performs solo. Some of their wonderful regular clients are : Ragtime Tavern at the beaches of Jacksonville ,Brick Oven at Fleming Island in Florida, and Sven Bridges Brewery in Jacksonville.   They have released an EP, several singles, and most recently a full album called Mile Markers. They have performed too at  fairs and festivals including the Greater Jacksonville Fair, The Blue Crab Fest in Palatka (Florida) and and Porchfest in Jacksonville. Here is a list of their : Upcoming Shows Below is a podcast interview with Rebecca done on March 6th, 2019.  It is also being featured on our website Countyfairgrounds.net - on our EntertainersforHire page - . YES, we are back to doing interviews - and hopefully we can help some of you entertainers get booked!

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I feel for the Missouri State Fair

Okay I am sure a lot of your saw this post this morning on Yahoo Missouri Fair clown draws criticism for Obama mask. Well, if this clown was looking for attention he certainly got some. This mask and act had absolutely no business at one of our big state fairs. Yes, this was disrespectful. I am somewhat of a public person too and have been for years. Once a wise mayor said this to me as I was trying to run a large public event, "If you are going to be in the public eye, there are people that are going to love you, people that are going to hate you and people in between". Think about it, that is a very very wise statement. Being President is hard hard work. I would not want the job. The President has the responsibility of making everyone happy. Hey, folks that is not going to happen. Nor is the world going to be a perfect place in the next five seconds either. So, if you "think" you could do a better job you should run for President.

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JJ Harrison, Rodeo Clown

JJ at one of his "better" moments. I had the privilege of interviewing rodeo clown JJ Harrison this year at the Denver National PRCA Rodeo in January. JJ has a lot of energy. He came to being a clown from being a school teacher - a thing which also requires a lot of energy. He basically is just a funny unrehearsed guy who loves to kid around. He is also a pilot. JJ does try to stick close to home however because of the gas prices and his four year old son. This is a great interview and in it JJ also gives some advice for youngsters who might want to follow in his footsteps.  

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Rick Adam – Junk Band and Silly Stuff

Rick Adam/A.K.A. Professor Paddy-Whack has toured everywhere, from Maine to China. for over 30 years he's been featured on stage, television, radio, and film. He has shared venues with Garth Brooks, Livingston Taylor and Phish... to name a few. He has appeared on the PBS series “The Lonesome Pine Specials” in 1993, a video of the program was added to the Permanent Collection of the Smithsonian Institute. Also, in 1998 and 2000 he performed for Bruce Springsteen at his home in New Jersey. The video is a Mini-documentary on Rick Adam /A.K.A. Professor Paddy-Whack One Man Junk Band. The Professor's rig on wheels is a "Rube Goldburg musical contraption with a Spike Jones style wackiness." With footage shot at the Fryeburg Fair in Maine where Rick has been a featured performer for the last 25 years, he performs a "Musical Mechanical Melody of the Most Melodic Melodies Know to Modern Man!" You have to, see it to believe it! Check out his Websire

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Snuffy’s Magical Clown Review

Snuffy's Magical Clown Review has been a family oriented act since 1972. Started by Archie Searle and Keith Hall, the project encompassed their family, included 9 members. Eventually Hall left, and Archie and his son Michael kept the tradition alive in San Francisco and then Nevada. Today Michael Searle and his wife Karen star as "Mouse and Daisy" They are featured across the United States performing for a variety of venues including, state and county fairs, libraries, malls, schools, restaurants, corporate events and private functions. They do between 300 and 500 performances each year. In addition to their work as performers, Michael and Karen are the primary managers for the Maricopa County Fair. That fair nearly went bankrupt until Michael and Karen stepped in to save the fair in 2004. The fair is now on a solid financial footing and is self-supporting. To find out more about Snuffy's Magical Clown Review, visit their website listed below: http://www.snuffysclowns.com/

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