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Where are the Spring Flowers?

Where are the Spring Flowers? Some of what I know: SPRING is sprung, The grass is riz, I wonder where, The FLOWERS is. Well, if you didn’t plant them last fall, they ain’t around. Spring flowers, whether they come from bulbs, rhizomes, corms, or tubers need to be planted in the fall, for you to enjoy in the spring. Every month of the growing season new things are sprouting up. To determine what you want to come up in your yard at a certain time of year, just take a walk around the neighborhood, (or the next subdivision, or the next town) and see what is blooming. If you don’t know what it is just ask the neighbor, gardeners are always ready to talk about what they have growing in their yard. And if it is growing in their yard, it most likely will grow in your yard. If no one is around to ask, take a picture, and take it to a Master Gardener. You can find out where they are by googling Master Gardener in your state. Local nurseries are the best choice to buy plants and shrubs. They may be a little more expensive than big box stores, but their selections are usually home grown, which again, will help insure the survival of the plant, just ask to make sure. Also ask if the plants are pesticide free. There are many pesticides that are detrimental to bees. This is a huge concern word wide at this time. Native plants are at the top of my list. They are indigenous to your area, so their survival is virtually guaranteed, because they are highly adaptive to your region. Just googleaudoban.org/native-plants, and put in your zip code, and see what you like. Finding out where to get it is another story. One way is to google, GrandPrarieFriends.org, and click on your state. They are not always the showiest of flowers, but definitely the hardiest and many are very unusual, like jack-in-the-pulpit. Perennial plants come up every year. Annuals need to be planted every year, although some tend to reseed themselves, i.e. marigold and alyssum. Whatever you plant, be sure it’s in the right place in your yard. Take note of exactly where it is in your neighbors’ yard. Is it a shade plant or a sun plant? Is it under a tree, in the middle of the yard, along the side of the house? Which side of the house N, S, E, or W. How big [...]

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Des Moines Home and Garden Show 2010

Interview with Jessica Boweak, show manager for this years Home Show whichopens February 11th. She talks about this years attractions and celebrities, the contests, and the fact that there are a lot of more plants for sale. More info on the Show! Des Moines Home and Garden Show | Iowa Geek - The Des Moines Home & Garden Show is February 11-14, 2010. I have 4 family 4-paks of tickets to give away!WCI Pools and Spas :: 2010 Des Moines Home & Garden Show - The Des Moines Home & Garden Show is February 11th-14th at the Iowa Events Center in downtown Des Moines. WCI will be there with the new 2010 Jacuzzi J-480 on display. Stop by our booth in Hy-Vee Hall to see the new J-1000 control ...

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Joshua Foss, green building and lifestyle expert

One of the nations top green building and design lifestyle experts. Joshua likes to joke about drinking a lot of green kool-aid as a kid, thats why he ended up in the field he is in. Joshua will be at the Des Moines Home Show, which starts on the 11th and then Minneapolis Home and Garden Show, which starts on te 24th this year giving seminars on like how to make a green environment in your kitchen. Going green is better for the environment and our health. With a degree in Fine Arts from Principia College, field experience as a carpenter, and a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, Foss has put himself in a unique position to creatively apply the most current and authentic sustainable strategies available. Joshua is very active in both the local Twin Cities and national 'green scenes'. He sits as the co-chair of the LEED for Homes Advocacy Committee in Minnesota and is a contract designer for the U.S. Green Building Council. Learn more about Joshua Foss2009 Indy Home Show « Michelle Morris's Indianapolis Real Estate Blog - Kate of TLC's “Jon Learn how to “Design on a Dime” with HGTV's star – Summer Baltzer; Sara Snow – Indy Resident puts on the GREEN; Joshua Foss – Metro Hippie– Renowned living-green leader promotes green design and its ...TomorrowTime: Joshua Foss Thrives - Design Green - Blog on ... - Joshua Foss Thrives - Design Green - Blog on Interior Design. My business partner at Thrive Design Studio was recently featured by Penny Bonda on her blog. Joshua Foss Thrives - Design Green - Blog on Interior Design ...Green Design Summit – The Story - The Green Design Summit is a virtual summit with 12 experts, celebrity designers and best selling authors including Ed Begley, Jr., Penny Bonda, Bob Dixson, Joshua Foss, Leslie Carothers, Lisa Foster, Tom Hamilton, Libby Langdon, ... On a side note, Joshua is a familiar face within various media outlets. He appeared on the second season of HGTV's Design Star and hosted his own series on HGTV.com called Get Green. Keep up to date on Joshua's blog Metro Hippie and find him on Twitter @JoshuaFoss.

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