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Katie Tuck – a Young Country Singer

Katie Tuck's rich and powerful voice captivates listeners and can only be described as a gift from God. At only 14 years old, Ms. Tuck has already recorded in the notorious “Sound Kitchen” of Nashville, Tennessee. Tuck's powerful ballad "I Just Wanna Be a Girl" is garnering much attention and young Tuck is already finding herself being circled by some of the industry’s most prestigious producers, songwriters, and managers. Catch her on her Website A Virginia native, Katie grew up listening to mixture of country, pop, and rock music. Her idol is country superstar, Carrie Underwood. “She is so amazing and a great role model,” says Tuck. Being a good person and setting a good example is at the very core of who Katie Tuck is as a person and as an artist. Tuck devotes her time and talent to numerous charity fundraisers including the National Children’s Advocacy Center to help fight child abuse and neglect. “I believe that God has given me the talent, passion, and desire to do this. I believe that my music will be used to bring smiles, tears, and healing to people. I want to make a difference.” Tuck's passion for music is ingrained in her being. “Music means everything to me. It portrays the emotions and lives of people.” It’s only natural that Tuck would feel right at home in country music. “It’s just who I am. It’s music that people can relate to in everyday life.” What makes Katie stand apart from others her age in the business is the undeniable fact her passion for music is genuine, grounded, and faithful. Tuck pursued her passion by entering talent competitions and industry insiders were quick to take an interest. In a speedy trajectory, Katie made her way from her first talent show in 4th grade singing Hillary Duff’s “What Dreams Are Made Of” all the way to Nashville’s famed 'Sound Kitchen.' “Recording at the ‘Sound Kitchen’ was amazing. To record in a studio where so many professional artistrecord is such a huge honor. The thing I remember most about the experience is the love and support I received from everybody there.” “I Wanna Be That Girl” is a powerful ballad showcasing the strength of Tuck's voice which is far more mature than her 14 years. “It’s about being strong,” Katie says of the song. Katie sings ‘I wanna be that girl, I wanna be that strong. Don’t wanna care. Don’t wanna cry when it’s time to carry on.” In “Forget”, Katie [...]

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Corey Koehler, Country Musician from Minnesota

Let me start by saying I love country music. There is country music and then there is country music. Some of it doesn't sound so great. Personally, I like the stuff that makes me feel good. The is is what Corey does. He has a great voice and composes great songs . Corey is in his  40s - a family man with three small children. He holds a tradition job. Corey didn't start performing until he was in his late 30s - He plays and performs what he calls Beer Music. Corey has only performed in Minnesota and in Wisconsin. He has a great sound. He is also a very talented composer. He would like to perform at festivals in some other states. Website [youtube] Learn More about Corey The Round Up 74: Corey Koehler and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - In the 74th edition of the Round Up, Greg plays the new song by Corey Koehler called Change The World, from his new album that you can check out at Later, Andy takes a look at the trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. ... Indie CD Release From New Acoustic Artist Corey Koehler - I am very excited to announce the release of my very first cd album “Never Too Late.” And I am equally excited to hear what you think. Go hear all the songs and get your copy by clicking on the image to the right or by visiting my Music ...

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Stephanie Quayle-Country Musician

Well, according to her website she "ain't no housewife". Stephanie is anything but that. She is from Bozeman Montana and about 29 and living in Los Angeles making country music as she drives down the interstate. Stephanie writes her own music and didn't even know that most country musicians didn't. She is very upbeat. AND, guys she is single. Stephanie will be performing at the College National Finals Rodeo this weekend and debuting  my song I wrote, "Rodeo Life". This is becoming the Rodeo Anthem of 2010/2011 and I will be going rodeo to rodeo with the song and taking it to the National Finals Rodeo in December. Visit her at her Website More about Stephanie Sophia by Stephanie Quayle - - Los Angeles based Country Recording Artist, Stephanie Quayle boldly declares in her song Alley of Desires that she's "living the dream," but she didn't get there by resting on her laurels or coasting by on her good looks, ... Home for HATCH » HATCHfest - Stephanie Quayle performed last night at Double T Ranch. Stephanie Quayle. Age 15: Stephanie Quayle buys her first guitar, a black cutaway, in a pawn shop on Main Street in Bozeman. Age 17: Quayle, while studying in Switzerland, ...

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What’s Old is New Again

The Follow-up Single for Colorado Cowboy Mike Schikora - the perfect wedding song for 2009 Front Range Records recording artist Mike Schikora is back with a new single, “What’s Old Is New Again.” This is the perfect summer wedding song to follow-up his debut single, “Dance Angelina,” which captured his gritty classic country style. Anticipation for the new single has music reviewers already showing their support. “As soon as I heard Mike’s CD…we had to add it to our playlist…Our listeners and everyone here at TMTR loves his music!” - Gary Barton / TMTR Internet Radio “Mike is one of those gifted artists that hits a high mark with his authentic Texas country music. Close your eyes and you’re around the campfire on a starry night.” - Ed Spacek / TX radio promoter “…this country music up-and-comer is driven to find success on his own terms.” - Joanna Nasar / Contributing Writer to American Cowboy “I’m blown away by Mike Schikora, what a good singer, and a fine songwriter.” - Ken Murray / Program Director / KTEX Brenham , TX . “What’s Old Is New Again,” highlights a love that grows stronger with time while examining a couple’s promise, commitment, encouragement and devotion. This song is the title track from Schikora’s critically-acclaimed debut CD currently available on CD Baby, iTunes and Rhapsody. “I wrote this song as a gift for my friend’s wedding. I let this cook for months since I could not think of what I wanted to write. Then, I literally wrote the song two days before the wedding,” says Schikora. Schikora is the real deal – a dying breed of ranchers/cowboys and a rustic Rocky Mountain horseman. A day well spent includes working in the pasture, training new born foals, riding, and mending fences. Mike has rode his horse twice over the Continental Divide, started a Half Arabian Sport horse breeding business and continues to write songs for his publishing company, Tuck And Go Music. He has been featured in several media outlets including American Cowboy, The Nashville Musician, OutFront Colorado , Kootenai Valley Record, New Music Weekly, Lexington Broadcasting, among others. He is currently in the studio working on his sophomore release, which will be available this fall. To stay updated on everything he is doing or to hear his single, visit, and ******************************* Podcast Interview from August , 2009 with Mike Schikora ******************************* For more information, to request a press kit, CD, mp3 of the single or [...]

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