Hi, hopefully there are a few of you following me on twitter. For those of you who don’t know I am coolkay on Twitter. That is just the way it worked out. If you have an interest in county and state fairs and their events I would like to hear from you. Please look be up.
Anyway, I am getting off the subject a little. I really really want to congratulate the North Carolina State Fair for their use of Twitter this fair season. They showed great innovation. Whenever there was something going on at the fair they posted about it. They talked about winners of contests adn sbout their entertainers. What a great great tool for an event!
The North Carolina State Fair has a rather large attendance. about 860,000. I would be willing to bet that some of attendees loved having them on Twitter. A lot of us care IPods or Blacberrys or the like, and quite frankly a lot of us are hooked. So for example suppose you are working and checking your email on a regular hourly basis – or getting SMS text messages on your device (which is really really easy to set up now). WE all need also relaxation and entertainment. So here comes the North Carolina State Fair…. with their nose in your SMS text messages… WOW! What a marketing tool. What fun. It was so cool to have immediate updates from the fair office about the event. And, you can subscribe to them also.
They ran contests. They gave away tickets. And, I bet they made a lot new friends. Congratulations NORTH CAROLINA STATE FAIR, staying up with technology willl insure your event will thrive and grow. Find them at http://www.twitter.com/NCStateFair Find the San Diego County Fair at http://www.twitter.com/SDFair
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